• Can I buy a turnkey kit car from Ontario Kit Car Consultants?
    In Canada, it is against the law to build component or kit cars for the purpose of selling to the public. We cannot build a turnkey vehicle and sell it to you. However, we can legally complete a project for you provided you have purchased the major components such as a starter kit and the donor car. Also, from time to time we may know of a customer vehicle for sale or we may have one of our own personal vehicles for sale.
  • Is there value in having OKCC assist in the build of my kit car?
    Yes, we have experience in turning a complex kit into a beautifully finished car. The difference between a poor build and a gorgeous build depends on best practices and attention to detail. Realistically, almost anyone undertaking a kit car project encounters difficulty or simply does not know how to do something on the project. That is where we come in.
  • What does it cost?
    Depending on the scope of work involved, OKCC will quote either $45 per hour or a "completion" cost.
  • Can I see what a kit car might look like with different colors?
    Click here to see some renderings of the GTM in various colors.